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┼ Levels of Logic ┼

 In every soul lies a secret.
In every secret lies a broken heart.
In every broken heart lies a memory.
In every memory lies a love.



Beatriz Carnicero

It's always nice discovering bands, especially when you have thrown yourself into less challening styles such as singer-song writer. Beatriz Carnicero is a punching your guts out grind/ powerviolence band from Uruguay. With their first 15 track album, No Reces,  I do think that it's time for me to learn spanish. 



For your God.

I follow the rules, and live by the book, and God as my witness, I will kill those not doing the same. 
I follow his rules, and judge by the book, and God as my witness, I will damn those living in dishonour and sin.
I was taught to love, I was said to forgive, and God as my witness, I will harm those not loving and forgiving me.
For you who do not see, the true meaning of God, you are doomed to live in filth and punishment. Because, his love will only be given to those, following his words. 

His "salvation" will only be given to those, acting in line with his crime
to love
the unloved
and to
the unarmed.
Because the man, who can not speak his own mind, 
the man who is forced to leave his values behind,
due to the "freedom" given by your so called God, is the same man who,
unarmed and loved, 
will write his own rules, and live by his own book.


Deftones- Leathers

A little feeling of White Pony?I think that in this song, you might hear a little bit of everything.. A dose, of Deftones many faces, from the 1997 Around the Fur, to  Minerva
However, the song Leathers might be  more than great taste of what will follow after November 13th when their new album KOI NO YOKAN will be released. 

 Here you can hear and download ( only for a few days) Leathers, the third song of the upcoming album.


Summer Scenes

This summer has been more than giving musicwise. A 1,5 month trip to Sweden gave me plenty of opportunities for new shows and loads of new music accompanied with barrels of beer and great people. The experience started off 13th of July with amongst others Seeds in Barren Fields . Unluckily it was Friday 13th so the bands had to copy with some technical issues. But the spirit was there, and the result turned out pretty good..

A few days later, I had the wonderful timing of seeing 2 great bands. The norwegian dark in feeling black metal Okkultokrati and the great recent discovery (at least for me) of the stoner/ sludge/ metal triad, Black Tusk. I can say that the energy throughout the whole gig was amazing. Black Tusk closed the live by playing Crossroads and Thunder, which Ive concluded is my favourite song of their latest album Set the Trial. I also found out that they ve  made a few splits lately, including a 7" split with Holy Mountain on No Idea Records. (who you should check out btw! )

After a light Swedish rainy summer weekend, followed another pleasant discovery of the swedish doom/ sludge band Pyramido. After Pyramidos great performance, which had enslaved the mind of the "crowd", it was Eyehategods turn. To be honest I was rather dissapointed, since it felt like they couldnt play as they should...perhaps, they had a few drinks more than they should.....

The climax came in the end of the trip to the Scandinavian centre, and that was during a city fest in Gothenburg. I am planning on writing a post pretty soon with all the details, but I can say that after seeing 7 seconds, Adolescents and Refused on Jazzhuset, I couldnt feel anything else but redemption. Here you have, at least for now, some pictures taken from lukinzine.


MONO- Dream Odyssey

From the title you might guess the emotion of this new released song by the japanese post-rock band MONO.  This is surely a small taste of what their next double album For my parents, which btw will be released in one month, will sound like. Ive always had a thing for MONO. As if their japanese culture, gives a totally different signature to their music, you can actually connect to their "postrock" in a unique way. They tend to call themselves contemporary/ modern and classic musicians, and by listening to their 2 weeks old stream, I think theyve got all the right to do so.

Enjoy// Captain


Train Rail Playlist.

Travelling in the swedish woods, by train. Loads of time to kill, loads of music to listen to. I just wanted to share this one.

Enjoy, Captain.